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Our Stock

Magic the Gathering:

We stock a wide variety of Magic stock, including booster boxes and packs, commander decks, FREE starter decks and single cards for just 10p!

Every Friday at 4pm and 7pm we have FNM's including standard, modern and draft, EVERY MONTH!

Or try out our FREE casual commander each Wednesday!


From Booster boxes to singles, structure decks and mats, we stock the second largest card game with pride! See our events to see if you want to enter any of our tournaments.

Every Weekend, we have different Yu-Gi-Oh! tournaments!


We stock a variety of Pokemon goodies including vintage cards, structure decks, booster packs and collectors packs

Every Thursday from 4pm is our Pokemon club, come down to play, trade and talk Pokemon! 

We're getting more and more people down each week, and why wouldn't you want to join us? With Poké packs on entry and special offers on our Pokémon drinks, it feels like a weekend in itself!

New And Upcoming Trading Card Games
We are starting up communities for a variety of card games, if you see one you like and we don't stock it, ask us and we will see if we can!

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